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My QTH is in the department (province)  called Haute-Savoie (15 kms from Geneva and our friends HB_neune, 60 kms from Chamonix and the Mont-Blanc) in a very small village which name is La Muraz situed not so far from Annemasse, city known by french people who like winter sports who are using motorway A41, (Paris, Lyon to Stadions and winter villages)

My locator, sometimes it's easier to find it, is  JN36CC.

The interesting direction are not very fine (from 30 90 very good for UA-UR, RA, SP and 180 220 nice for Africa)very hard for THF ! Don't worry with HF (decametric) It's possible to have contacts with a beam directed to the mountains, and with a nice propagation. Another solution maybe : the portable station with batteries, but you need to weak-up earlier, mountains are high !

L'OM (the Old Man)

Member of the Annemasse city's Radio Club  : F8KCF (MJC de Romagny)
Member of national REF  and REF74
Member of Adrasec 74
27 years old - Waste water engineer

How to contact me ?

I'm using radio, generally, during summer because I like and practise many sports on the white cover ground (snow)
But, as you can understand, I don't switch off transceiver during winter ! I speak in my radios if the weather is very bad (strong wind, no snow, ) in the week-end, and sometimes after my job in the afternoon. As far as the high-sun come, my Ham-Spirit weak-up !

o 144 (All mode) :  Dx is difficult as I told you with the mountains,  FM on the french/swiss repeater  HB9G who cover a interesting part of France, and packet F1ADG@HB9IAP.SROM.CH

o 50 (ssb) : As soon I hear someone
o Active on the  other bands with F8KCFcontest gang (world wide, REF Cup, ARRL, RTTY, Russian Test)

The Futur

Only one  :
The CW ! 

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