Photos from the Station
(Inside and Outside)

The equipment, as you can see, is very simple with the antennas. It's not a big installation because for the moment I leave in the house of my parents. The big boss of this QRA (my father) don't like very much metal or aluminium (as you can believe it's impossible to put  18 or 20 mtrs tower) , I must be happy to have for few months a 'wood Tower' given and installed by 'France Télécom' exchanging with few bottles of good wine ! They decide to put line in the ground so … ! What a good luck for my station !

You can certainly find :

·  A 9 elements crossed yagi beam
·  A 4 elements monoband for 10 mtrs (Give the opportunity to sent spots to F8KCF contest team during famous test !)

Un rotator to turn those antennas to the left and right and to the right and left !

You certainly don't see :

·  A sloper (25 mtrs length)
·  A dipol for 50 mhz (6 mtrs, when the propagation is very strong)
·  A vertical bought during my first Qso on the 11 mtrs band

(Yoou can click on the photos to open them)

HI  the  Shack  !

The shack is in downstairs ( the garage), just near the my fathers botlles of wine's stock ! 2 mtrs in the ground, it's not cold in the winter and not hot during summer ! I don't have any big amplifer, so not a hot wind with coolers. The space is not very important, so it's an only mono-operator station ! You need to speak and log in the same time. The computer was a little bit old, but good for log and satellite-programms.

o TS 850 (Déca Kenwood)
o TM 255 (VHF Kenwood) ð No I don't have any stock-options with kenwood !
o Transverter (50-144 5W on 6m)

Few little amplifiers to made QRM and splatter  on kilohertz near me ! And for my friends, like that they know that I'm on the air ! My appologise to them !!

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